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How to implement a netlinking strategy?

Netlinking is a method of obtaining external links, better known as backlinks. These links are published on intermediary sites and direct users to a particular page. The goal of a backlink campaign is to improve the ranking of this page on search engines and therefore, Google. Netlinking then involves the use of different strategies to acquire links from popular, relevant sites that deal with subjects similar to the targeted page.This strategy aims to take advantage of the authority of these sites. Given the attention paid by Google and other search engines to backlinks.

This approach constitutes one of the foundations of SEO and even digital marketing.

The world of netlinking: its definitions The world of netlinking may seem complex at first glance. But knowing your lexicon is already a first step Telemarketing List to understanding it better: Backlink A backlink, also known as an “inbound link,” refers to a link posted on a third-party site. This links to the page you want to improve. To be distinguished from the internal link, because it connects two pages inherent to the same domain, and from the outgoing link, which guides users to an external site. Linkbuilding Link building encompasses all activities aimed at acquiring inbound links.

The exercise involves actively searching for backlinks.

Linkbaiting Linkbaiting rather consists of naturally generating backlinks; passively, without solicitation or purchase of links. Linkbaiting is based on the creation of qualitative content, with high added value, encouraging Internet users B2B Email Lead and webmasters in person to spontaneously include backlinks to this content on their pages. Dofollow The term “dofollow” is used in SEO to describe a type of hyperlink on a web page. A “dofollow” link allows search engines, such as Google, to follow this link to crawl the linked website. In other words, it conveys authority and SEO credit to that page, thereby helping its ranking in search results. 

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