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Most Businesses Are Missing The Point.

A lot of businesses have tried creating content but gave up after their strategy (or lack thereof) failed to produce tangible results. That’s unfortunate. But what’s even MORE unfortunate is that millions of businesses right this second are continuing to create content every week with nothing to show for it but a handful of vanity followers and a shrinking business…hoping something, ANYTHING, starts working soon. Here’s the critical point they’re missing: Content without a content marketing strategy is an expensive mistake. When it comes to business, all content should be created with a clear purpose to move a customer or potential. Customer along the customer value journey.

Bad Content Marketing Start Turning Content Into Customers content At its simplest.

Content should inspire your audience to take an action. That doesn’t always mean “buy right now”, in fact that’s rarely TG Number List recommended. Sometimes the action is simply “watch the video” or “read the post” or “listen to the podcast. But when your audience takes those actions. The content is strategically created to move them deeper into a trusting relationship with your brand. That should influence an immediate or future sale. When done right, content and sales flow seamlessly from one to the other. Like this: “Ok, great, I get it…now how do I actually CREATE and DISTRIBUTE strategic content?” Start Using The “CDA” Framework In this certification course, you’ll learn how to leverage the “CDA” framework to strategize.

Create and distribute content that just plain WORKS.

Here’s DigitalMarketer’s President (and instructor for this certification course), Mark De Grasse explaining B2B Email Lead this powerful framework. CDA This is where YOU come in… Content Marketing So Good They Can’t Ignore You Content marketing delivers traffic. Leads and customers: The lifeblood of any business. …if it’s done right. Staying competitive as a marketer or business owner requires being in the know about current tactics, strategies, and frameworks that get results today. For TOO LONG, content marketing has been overly complicated. Poorly explained, and misunderstood until now. By the time you’re done with this certification course. You’ll be expertly trained and uniquely qualified to help businesses. Convert content into organic traffic and sales.

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