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Closed assets such as books and white papers are prime candidates


 Closed assets such as ebooks and white papers are prime candidates for PPC content. The same goes for content that resonates more easily at certain times of the year, such as content related to seasonal or trending topics. 4. Plan the use of keywords Pay-per-click opens the door to highly targeted keyword research, allowing you to see which keywords are driving not only the most traffic, but also revenue. You can apply this data to content creation, focusing on keywords that have been proven to pique customer interest and lead to sales. Certain keywords will cost more to use in PPC campaigns.

Integrating them into organic

Costs and competition can also inform organic strategy. The more expensive the keyword, the America Cell Phone Number List harder it is to rank. Focusing on words and phrases that are less competitive but still have a lot of ranking potential is your best bet. In turn, organic ranking can help PPC strategies. If you find that specific phrases or long-tail keywords work for your site, leverage them in paid campaigns to maximize user retention. It’s wise to avoid using the most expensive, most competitive keywords unless you know they will deliver a return on investment. Once you determine performance, you can decide which keywords you are willing to pay for.

When you combine them

On a sweltering morning in Boston, I headed to Copley Place Mall to find out how being weird could help me become a better content marketer. In the lobby of Wayfair’s Boston officeI walked up to the seventh floor of Wayfair’s offices in Copley Place, past a maze of ping pong tables and latte machines and a neat row of Knoll Tulip Tables in a large corner of the break room. I baked myself a B2B Email Lead few handmade donut holes and grabbed a cup of coffee. Today is the first installment of the monthly creativmorning lecture series.

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